5 reasons for the Tsticc

  1. The TSticc can easily be attached to the rim of a mug or cup by using the springy clips that come with the TSticc. It is no longer necessary to wrap the string around the handle to make tea. After brewing the tea, the TSticc can be easily removed from the cup.   
  2. One of the TSticc models features additional clips which clasp the handle of a mug or a teapot. This clever design prevents the tea bag from drowning in the tea.
  3. A unique selling point: When the tea has finished steeping, the TSticc is used to squeeze out the tea bag. The user can dispose of the TSticc without it dripping all over the table or burning your hands from hot dripping tea!
  4. The TSticc can be ordered with text or designs applied onto the models. The pointing-up element attracts particular attention, especially in the case of the model with clips (developed for catering services). A company logo placed here will be noticed from a great distance.
  5. Through its construction, the TSticc meets the requirements for an innovative, aroma-preserving outer packaging. This enables the consumer to comfortably remove a specific individual product.