Creating an exceptional packaging design has been made more difficult due to the increased number of container shapes and sizes on offer.

The shape has to clearly communicate the message of the product to the customer, so as to prove itself at the POS. While the freedom of design should strengthen the brand, the product is supposed to convince the customer regarding both its content and quality.
A product’s convenience is a further challenge to the provision of functional and creative added values for the customer.
Beyond the mere shaping of the product it is essential to simplify its use by presenting its functions in an original way. This represents a significant distinctive feature compared to competing products.
At the same time, new materials offer new possibilities of design which have not yet been well explored. This not only provides opportunities for innovative shapes but also for achieving considerable cost reductions.
Finally, the recent trend towards wellness-related and organic products is clearly evident and requires packaging solutions that embody the product in a convincing way.

We will meet these challenges together with you.